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Features and benefits

Becoming an inclusive and diverse employer will help you gain a competitive advantage. Not only will you be addressing the skills gap, but you’ll be future-proofing your workforce.

Identify a road map towards improving your organisation’sdiversity and inclusivity performance.

Benchmark yourselves against approved diversity and inclusion best practice.

Learn from leading industry experts how to implement inclusivity best practice within your organisation.

Our dedicated Inclusivity Toolkit will give you all of the information you need to implement inclusivity best practice within your company.

Display on your corporate literature to demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity to all stakeholders.

Empower an employee, PR opportunities, share best practice with other MIM/MIY Equality Ambassadors. Thought leadership seminars.

Easy to post job adverts appealing to a wider, more diverse audience.

Receive recognition from industry in your region for your commitment to inclusivity