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Steps to Accreditation

Our Inclusivity campaign aims to take member companies on a Journey to Inclusivity, with the goal of increasing productivity, profitability and future proofing your workforce. The journey to inclusivity is continuous. We also believe that becoming a truly inclusive employer should be accessible to all companies, regardless of size. By joining our Inclusivity Campaign, we will assist you as you embark on your own journey to inclusivity, whether that is becoming more inclusive or implementing an inclusivity strategy and agenda within your company from scratch. From taking our benchmarking questionnaire to ultimately gaining our ‘Inclusive Employer’ accreditation, membership of our campaign will support you at each stage of your journey to inclusivity. After initially taking our benchmarking questionnaire, members will be offered help to improve your organisation’s diversity and inclusivity performance – in the form of feedback, an expansive toolkit resource and workshop based training.

Journey to Inclusivity

Completers of the campaign will become holders of our ‘Inclusive Employer’ mark, which you can display on your branded communications. This will enhance your organisations’ reputation as an employer, attracting higher quality staff.