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Addressing the UK engineering productivity & skills gap

Across UK manufacturing and engineering sector, there are widespread concerns regarding an ageing workforce and an insufficient number of skilled people. The sectors also lags behind others with regards to the number of females and individuals from diverse backgrounds or with disabilities it employs. The availability of a strong talent pool is crucial to enable employers like you to improve productivity and grow more quickly.

An inclusive and diverse workforce allows organisations to benefit from a variety of views and perspectives, allowing them to find more creative solutions and harness different talents to be more successful. It is proven that organisations that are more diverse and inclusive perform better and are ultimately more profitable.

For this reason, our Inclusivity campaign aims to take member companies on a Journey to Inclusivity, with the goal of increasing productivity, profitability and future proofing your workforce.

Research shows that a BALANCED workforce is a MORE PRODUCTIVE workforce. Organisations with greater levels of inclusion and diversity:

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Diversity and inclusiveness encompasses gender, age, disability, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy and maternity. If your company policies consider any/all of these groups you can reply in the affirmative to the survey questions.

Jason Pitt • CEO - Made Group