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Gender Equality

10% of the workers in engineering companies are female, despite representing 46% of the total workforce

Positive Mental Wealth

One in four people suffers from a diagnosed mental health problem, which is estimated to cost the UK 2.7% of its GDP. A culture of silence means psychological health issues spiral. Sharing stories helps build awareness and recovery.

Religion and beliefs

Religions are ubiquitous across human societies. They may affect critical economic outcomes, such as financial growth. A sense of belonging, meditation or prayer in people is associated with health and well being.

Sexual Orientation LGBTQ

It takes an effort to conceal identities, which negatively impacts on productivity. 74% of LGBTQ employees are not comfortable disclosing their sexual orientation to their employer. Employees are up to 32pc more productive when they feel comfortable being out.


There are direct associations between racism and a range of mental illnesses, including depression and anxiety, which leads to a loss of productivity. According to Forbes magazine. Racially Diverse Companies Outperform Industry Norms by 35%.


There are an estimated 1.3m disabled people in the UK looking for work; often as a result of their disability, they are resilient and resourceful. As well as widening your talent pool you strengthen your brand and build team spirit.


An Age UK study showed that older workers are as productive and willing to work as flexible as their younger counterparts, many employers recognise the excellent work ethic, experience, and life skills that older employees offer.