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The Made in Group’s Inclusivity Campaign helps make manufacturers more inclusive, which in turn attracts more people into the industry. We do this via a 9-point toolkit and a workshop themed around diversity in the workplace and implementation of best practice.

The campaign enhances knowledge and encourages inclusive behaviors across the sector so that organisations:-

  • Think and act concerning Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Recognise and harness the tangible benefits of organisational performance
  • Mainstream ED&I across everything they do -and see the benefits
  • Take away useful tools from the workshop to make this happen
  • And that leaders and managers will take a strategic lead and approach to equality, diversity, and inclusion to support the above aims

Each of the workshops are designed as 4 hour sessions and include any necessary handouts and information for delegates to take away.
All content is designed for the Manufacturing/Engineering sector, with relevant case studies, examples of best practice and industry statistics.

Diversity & Inclusion Masterclass

Midlands Workshop

Yorkshire Workshop

The concepts of equality, diversity, and inclusion
Current legislation and examples of what happens when it is not followed.
The business case and how to capitalise on the brown, purple, grey and pink pound.
The importance of cultural awareness, locally, regionally, nationally and globally
How to build a culture of inclusion
The impact of Unconscious Bias on an inclusive culture
How to challenge inappropriate behavior and have difficult conversations about race, disability, and sexual orientation.

Training partners

Made in Group have partnered with Righttrack consultancy to deliver our workshops and Garmiel Yafai OBE who compiled the toolkit:
Gamiel is a highly experienced Equality and Inclusion change strategist and published author specialising in Diversity and Inclusive leadership. He has worked with SME’s through to large complex organisations. He is a passionate advocate of the subject and skilled in delivering engaging and thought-provoking workshops and seminars. His natural ability to engage with an audience shines through, and his commitment to supporting those who are in need is part of who he is. Gamiel has recently been awarded the Global Diversity Leadership Award presented by the Global HRD Congress.


Our Inclusivity campaign aims to take member companies on a Journey to Inclusivity, with the goal of increasing productivity, profitability and future proofing your workforce.