ActionPlas is embracing Inclusivity at both ends of the age spectrum.

The company recently recruited a 63-year-old to strengthen its external sales team while in September it launches a new Level 3 apprenticeship scheme with the aim of taking on three trainees. Inclusivity at both ends of the age spectrum.

Working closely with Appris, a Bradford-based charity organisation dedicated to providing specialist apprenticeship training for young people, the new recruits will work in ActionPlas’ CNC Milling, Turning and Fabrication & Routing departments.

Chris Wray, managing director at ActionPlas, said: “We’re really excited about investing in our local economy and to be able to create these brilliant opportunities for young Yorkshire residents entering the local workforce.

“We are enjoying fantastic success following recent investment in facilities, staff and machinery, with huge demand for our innovative products so this is the perfect opportunity for anyone with determination, talent and enthusiasm. We can help to build new careers while ensuring our customers continue to enjoy a high-quality service.”

Of his latest recruit, he said: “I think it must be to do with the way I was brought up but why should you write someone off simply because of their age. Often these people have a wealth of experience and transferable skills which can be an asset to a business, such is the case here.”

His attitude reflects why he is one of the early advocates of the new Inclusivity campaign.

“I’m always willing to listen to new ideas and I think the Inclusivity campaign is useful in this respect because it challenges the way people think and prevents them from making unfounded judgements.

“It’s proving very beneficial to us and we are going to fully embrace it throughout the company because it’s important that we support our whole team.”

The company, which recently invested £1m to support its growth strategy, will be using the knowledge gained by participating in the Inclusivity campaign to strengthen its core business as it looks to expand over the medium term.

Currently employing 29 full-time staff and one part-timer, this will rise by three when the new apprentices join in September.

“We plan to develop our business model and we would be looking to grow the workforce to 50 over the next three to five years,” said Chris.

“We are confident in our markets and in the strength of our own business, so we are staying optimistic,” he added.

One market which has proved lucrative for the firm is the food and drink sector, which accounts for somewhere between 80-90% of the company’s business and has seen it work with big names such as Coca-Cola, Cargo Meat and Warburtons.

Only a tiny percentage of the firm’s business is currently derived from Europe so the absence of a Brexit deal is not of paramount importance.

However, as it looks to expand its market reach it is mounting a watching brief on events.

“There’s enough for us to go at in the UK for the time being,” said Chris. “But as we look to expand then we will be keeping an eye on events.”